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Honolulu International Airport Avid Hawaii My Concierge


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Flight Information

 Flight information click on this link: http://hnlairportweb.com/hnlflights/flighttrack.asp

Simply select an airline either arrivals or departures or track an airline.

Parking at the Airport

Parking at the Airport and parking fees:    http://hawaii.gov/hnl/airport-parking

 Driving to and from the airport can sometimes be confusing even in Paradise.
Here's a link for an overview of Honolulu International Airport:



Traffic Watch Avid Hawaii My Concierge


To our visitors who plan to drive in Hawaii: Honolulu has enacted a local distracted driving ordinance in 2009. The new law,  prohibits the use of an "Mobile Electronic Device" while driving. You may use a hands free device under the new ordinance and emergency situations are an exception.
The first offense fine for a violation of the new ordinance is $97.   Drive Akamai (Drive Smart)


Avid Hawaii My Concierge

No traffic watch cameras available.

Thanks to technology, we can all plan ahead to monitor traffic backlogs or road construction by logging on to live traffic web cams provided by the city and county of Honolulu. Unfortunately, even in Paradise we are faced with heavy traffic jams caused by accidents or road construction. Traffic obstacles can really add stress to our daily commute.  Try it out! All it takes is a computer with internet access. Plan ahead and save time and GAS!

Hot Spot Traffic Cameras

A live web cam showing various major roadways such as Waikiki, Pali Hwy, Ward, etc.

Click on the link: http://www1.honolulu.gov/multimed/hotspot.asp 

Latest Traffic Conditions in Honolulu

  (Click on the area you are in or will go:)

Click on the link: http://www1.honolulu.gov/cameras/fastcheck.htm

Traffic Camera Zone View

   Click on the link: http://www1.honolulu.gov/cameras/trafficzones.htm

         Selecting your area.Click on the “red” C icon to zoom in. A still photo will appear.

Advice: Cut and paste the URL on your browser and bookmark it for future reference. 

Drive with Aloha!  Avid Hawaii My Concierge

Gas Prices in Hawaii Avid Hawaii My Concierge

To check gas prices in Hawaii:             http://www.hawaiigasprices.com/

Enter your zip code or city to find gas stations near you. Gas prices are categorized by fuel grade. If you find a gas station click on the gray icon - >"find".  A Google map will show you the way!

Interesting data is also available such as the current prices, average prices, prices compared a week, month, or a year ago.

          For those on the go with mobile phones, download an app if you have the following handsets:


          If you don't have any of the devices above, visit    m.HawaiiGas.com .   

On the same website, a useful trip calculator is available when you fill in the entry fields. Click "FUEL MY  TRIP" to get  the following info:

 a) Total miles from your present location to your final destination.

 b) Displays your vehicle's gas mileage

 c) Total cost of your trip and the average cost of gas per gallon

 d) For visitors, a conversion from gallons to liters/from miles to kilometers are available.

 e) Directions to get to  your final destination and return routes are available

          Here's the link:   http://www.hawaiigasprices.com/TripCalculator.aspx

Current road constructions in Oahu Island:


Navigation Avid Hawaii My Concierge

To help you navigate use Google's "map"     http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl.  

Type in your destination in the search bar and click on the directions link to get drive by drive instructions.

Weather Forecast Avid Hawaii My Concierge

Here's the National Weather Service's website for a quick weather forecast for current and forecast for the week.





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